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What a week. With the exception of a blowout, this was a week filled with battles. We had two games that were decided by a single point. No team wanted to give an inch in Week 3, but one team took a mile. 


Here is your Week 3 Recap.




Game 1: Scugog vs. Moody


It’s not always pretty, but Scugog knows how to get it done. Two touchdowns and three interceptions later; the Scugog squad walked away with a one-point win over a very good Moody team. Cole Lafoy showed us once again why he is considered an automatic first rounder with both a touchdown and an interception. Paul Leckey had a touchdown himself, along with an extra point. While Victor Alisauskas and Connor Tamblyn both held strong on defence with an interception each apiece. I think we’re all looking forward to a Scugog vs. Dawksports matchup. 


Final Score: Scugog - 13 | Moody - 12


Game Leaders: 


Scugog - Cole Lafoy (1-TD, 1-INT), Paul Leckey (1-TD, 1-1XP), Connor Tamblyn (1-INT), Victor Alisauskas (1-INT)


Moody - John Forbes (1-TD, 1-INT), Chad Mallen (1-INT), Luke Moody (1-SAC), Dave Thomas (1-TD)




Game 2: Dawksports vs. Direct


Can someone take down the Pottles already? Seriously. What a group of beauties, but this family hasn’t lost since Week 1 of the Spring season. Aren’t they due? Not this week. They simply dominated this week. Between Kyle Shaw and Adrian Mcintosh these two beasts combined for 28-points and two-interceptions. I’m not sure how you stop this Dawksports squad. Maybe you can’t. Only time will tell.


Final Score: Dawksports - 28 | Direct  - 8


Game Leaders:


Dawksports - Adrian Macintosh (1-TD, 2-1XP, 1-2XP), Kyle Shaw (3-TD, 2-INT), Frank Wilson (1-SAC)


Direct  - Jay Carter (1-TD, 1-2XP)




Game 3: Hampton vs. Brent’s


What a back-and-fourth. This game was decided by one-point, and it all came down to the very last play of the game. Aaron Racciopa was an absolute beast in Week 3, accounting for 12-points and an interception. Brad Spencer was catching every thing that Buzz Bezzant was throwing his way, including a touchdown of his own. Larry Blackman was the silent assassin with two interceptions. And Mike Sperling kicked the extra-point that eventually won Brent’s the game. 


Final Score: Brent’s - 19 | Hampton - 18


Game Leaders:


Brent’s - Larry Blackman (2-INT), Aaron Racciopa (2-TD, 1-INT), Brad Spencer (1-TD), Mike Sperling (1-1XP)


Hampton - Pingz (2-TD, 1-INT), Kevin McNeill (1-TD)