Updated Wednesday September 26, 2018 by ETFL Media.


Competitive. That's the keyword I would use to describe this past week. Which is funny, because Week 1 was anything but. With that being said though, like Bill Belichick would say, we're on to Cincinnati. In Week 2 we saw three games that were determined by one score or less. We witnessed two teams continue on to 2-0 records. And we watched a team earn a little redemption after a tough Week 1 beatdown.


Here is your Week 2 Recap.




Game 1: Scugog vs. Brent's


The Lafoys are beginning to show that they are a real threat for the ETFL crown with a 27-20 win over veteran quarterback Buzz Bezzant. Cole Lafoy made his presence felt on the field, scoring on two touchdowns. Connor Tamblyn found his way into the endzone with a score of his own. And Jaime Whitter did what Jaime Whitter does, which is score touchdowns and make kicks. Rich Lafoy and the Scugog squad are going to be tough to beat this season.


Final Score: Scugog - 27 | Brent's - 20


Game Leaders: 


Scugog - Cole Lafoy (2-TD), Connor Tamblyn (1-TD), Jaime Whitter (1-TD, 3-1XP)


Brent's - Leo Avila (1-1XP), 1-INT), Des Johnson (2-TD), Mike Sperling (1-TD), Marlon Wong (1-1XP), Craig Wrice (1-INT)




Game 2: Direct vs. Hampton


The first half of this game was not kind to Stu McNeill. The veteran quarterback threw four interceptions to the Direct defence. But like the veteran he is, Sttu made the necessary adjustments at half-time and led his team to a 12-8 victory. Pingz and Allister Gundy both caught a touchdown each, while Khosya Henderson recorded a sack. It wasn't flashy, but the Hampton squad got it done this past week.


Final Score: Hampton - 12 | Direct  - 8


Game Leaders:


Hampton - Pingz (1-TD), Allister Gundy (1-TD), Khosya Henderson (1-SAC)


Direct  - Jake Devine (2-INT), Josh Devine (1-TD, 1-2XP), Karl VanLeyden (2-INT)




Game 3: Dawksports vs. Moody


What a battle. Moody gave Dawksports everything they could handle this week, but came up just short. Brandon Pottle had just a little a magic up his sleeve and like the veteran he is, snuck away with a 2-0 record for the Dawksports squad. It wasn't all Brandon though. This was a full team effort. Kyle Shaw had another big day with two touchdowns. Drew Pottle played above his second round draft spot with a touchdown of his own, a field goal and two extra point kicks. While Evan Woodcock scored on the two-point convert.


Final Score: Dawksports - 26 | Moody - 24


Game Leaders:


Dawksports - Ryan Charlton (1-SAC), Drew Pottle (1-TD, 1-FG, 2-1XP), Kyle Shaw (2-TD), Evan Woodcock (1-2XP)


Scugog - Jason Beaver (1-TD), John Forbes (1-2XP), Denzel Kelly (2-TD, 2-2XP), Chad Mallen (1-INT)