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Week 1 is officially in the books. And although we were all looking forward to this week, it wasn't enjoyed by all. This week we saw three, that's right, I said THREE blowouts. And in a weird turn of events, all three winning squads were within three points of each other, scoring 26, 28, and 29 points. While all three losing teams scored a combined 7 points. Luckily it's a long season, and every team is loaded with talent. So I don't expect this same outcome in the coming weeks.


Here is your Week 1 Recap.




Game 1: Dawksports vs. Hampton


Brandon Pottle. Is there really any other explanation needed? After winning the Spring 2018 ETFL Championship, this man comes back for the Fall 2018 season slinging the rock like he's Aaron Rodgers. And maybe he is the ETFL's version of the Packers quarterback, but he's also got a squad this season. Insert Kyle Shaw. The young Goat Billy went off for three touchdowns and an interception that was almost a pick-six, had he not tripped over his own feet on his way to the endzone. This is gonna be a tough team to beat this season. Facts.


Final Score: Dawksports - 29 | Hampton - 7


Game Leaders: 


Dawksports - Rick Pottle (1-TD), Drew Pottle (1-1XP), Kyle Shaw (3-TD, 1-INT), Heinz Stork (1-INT), Evan Woodcock (1-2XP), Ryan Charlton (1-2XP)


Hampton - Pingz (1-TD, 1-1XP, 1-INT)




Game 2: Moody vs. Brent's


Rookie quarterback Chad Mallen did not play like a rookie in his ETFL debut. The newest member of the ETFL came out of the gates shooting pure fire, leading his team to a 28-0 win over veteran quarterback Buzz Bezzant. Trying to pick an MVP in this game is tough. John Forbes scored a touchdown, while snagging two interceptions. Ryan Best also scored a touchdown, while converting a two-point convert. And ETFL veteran Dave Thomas caught a touchdown, while converting a two-point convert himself. Mallen and this Moody squad are no jokes, and should not be taken lightly this season.


Final Score: Moody - 28 | Brent’s  - 0


Game Leaders:


Moody - John Forbes (1-TD, 2-INT), Denzel Kelly (1-TD), Ryan Best (1-TD, 1-2XP), Kwame (1-INT), Dave Thomas (1-TD, 1-2XP)


Brent’s  - N/A




Game 3: Scugog vs. Direct


Scugog was without their starting quarterback Rich Lafoy. but that didn't stop them from running away with a win this week. Veteran Paul Leckey stepped in and led his team to a 26-0 win over a limited Direct squad. Cole Lafoy made his ETFL debut in spectacular form, scoring two touchdowns. Veteran Chris Heath had himself a game as well, scoring a touchdown of his own, while picking off second year quarterback Rob Wagner. The sky is the limit for this Scugog squad once they have their starting quarterback.


Final Score: Scugog 26 | Direct - 0


Game Leaders:


Scugog - Jaime Whitter (2-1XP), Jack Whitter (2-SAC), Chris Heath (1-TD, 1-INT), Victor Alisauskas (1-TD), Eric Perez-Salas (1-INT), Cole Lafoy (2-TD)


Direct - Jay McBride (1-INT)