How to Register with ETFL.

Updated Tuesday August 15, 2017 by ETFL Administrator .


Step 1 - Create an account on the ETFL Website by clicking 'Login', and select the option to create an account.  All that is required is your name, email and possibly a few questions for your profile (ie. skill level, references)

**NOTE: If you already have an ETFL Account but do not have, or don't remember your password, email and request your password be reset.

Step 2 - Once you have an account, sign in to view your Account Overview. Click 'Register to Play/Participate'. 

Step 3 - There may be a few session specific questions for which you input the appropriate answer.  You may come to a page where you can select the Division you wish to play in (depending on how the session is set up). If the teams have been set up in the ETFL system, the next option will be to select 'Unnassigned' as your team designation (pre-draft) or select which team you are joining (post-draft), followed by a standard 'Consent' agreement.

Step 4 - IMPORTANT: Click 'Continue to Checkout'.  You are not charged, or required to input any credit card information at any time during the registration process, so do not worry!  Next, click 'Pay with Check' to complete your registration and be eligible for the upcoming Draft (TIP: you must select 'Pay with Check' so that we see your registration is complete!).

Step 5 - Send your registration fees by mail (Personal Cheque), or via E-Transfer to  Your spot in the draft will not be secured until you have paid in full (paying players get priority!).  We also accept cash (at the field, or at the Head Office).

Please make all Personal Cheques out to:

EASTERN TOUCH FOOTBALL LEAGUE - 1892 Baseline Rd. West, Bowmanville ON. L1C 3K3


Thanks, enjoy the next session in the Eastern Touch Football League!

ETFL Administration


Registration Information updated as of August 14, 2017.