• FALL 2018 WEEK 7 RECAP

    WEEK 7 RECAP   Mud. There was a lot of it. But we persevered and we played football. This was a good week for football also. We saw a lot of points scored by two teams, and we saw an upset that brought a te... More
  • FALL 2018 WEEK 6 RECAP

    WEEK 6 RECAP   Dominance. The lines have been clearly drawn this past week. There are two clear cut teams that have full control of the league, and one team that has a clear cut hold on last place. As we in... More
  • FALL 2018 WEEK 5 RECAP

    WEEK 5 RECAP   This was a week to celebrate. We no longer have a single winless team in the ETFL. Both teams that were held winless through four weeks picked up the W in Week 5. But don’t pop that champagne... More
  • FALL 2018 WEEK 4 RECAP

    WEEK 4 RECAP   Points. There were a lot of points scored this past week. We saw two teams stay undefeated, which we’ll see them put their undefeated titles on the line next week. We saw a tightly contested ... More
  • FALL 2018 WEEK 3 RECAP

    WEEK 3 RECAP   What a week. With the exception of a blowout, this was a week filled with battles. We had two games that were decided by a single point. No team wanted to give an inch in Week 3, but one team... More